Over the years many of Dr. Burgoon's patients have expressed their appreciation for the successful treatment he has provided. Read their comments below....

Tom has been a true gift to my family. My first experience with acupuncture was through my husband, who began with Tom because of his severely arthritic knees. He had to abandon surgery due to metastatic kidney cancer. As his cancer progressed, Tom treated him for pain, general strength and well being. He surely extended his life by years through very conscientious and well-thought-out treatment. Through acupuncture and massage, Tom gave my husband comfort he would not have had otherwise.

Tom's strong medical background, which gave him a complete understanding of the drugs and medical side of my husband's treatment, was invaluable. He is a brilliant, compassionate and curious doctor and teacher, continually seeking to learn more.

I have had many different problems worked on by Tom. Since I had had back surgery in my late 30's, Tom started treating me there. He has treated my neck, my partially frozen shoulder and my hip over several years and with good success.

Tom cares very much about each of his patients, and an after-hours follow-up call from him is not out of the ordinary. He is determined to make a difference in each of his patient's lives.

A heartfelt thanks to a most extraordinarily-gifted man.

Sue A.

West Chester, PA

I had had 2 molars extracted and was awaiting implants. Experiencing continued pain in the extracted-teeth area, I had been to 2 dentists, an oral surgeon, and an ENT doctor. I had had 2 CAT scans. The ENT specialist wanted to send me to a neurologist to treat the pain. My symptoms were localized as a neuralgia facial pain. Before going on medication a neurologist would prescribe, I found that an alternative approach for the pain could come through acupuncture.

Research led me to Dr. Burgoon, who is not only a skilled acupuncturist, but an MD as well. After meeting with him, going through a physical and then receiving an explanation of the treatment he recommended, I underwent 6 weeks of intensive acupuncture therapy. Along the way Dr. Burgoon explained what to expect and always answered any questions I had. After 12 sessions my pain level went from 5 out of 10 to under 1. He assured me that the pain would end in the next 6 weeks as my body continued to heal itself. He was correct. I have since had the 2 implants.

Dr. Burgoon's office was always professional and flexible with appointments. Without his help, I feel I would still be going to a neurologist and on medications for pain management.


Orwigsburg, PA

Dr. Thomas Burgoon was recommended to me by a friend who had a serious illness that traditional medical treatments had not helped. Her almost miraculous outcomes from acupuncture led me to consider it as a treatment option for my chronic back pain. From my first visit on I was impressed with the compassion, expertise and optimism characteristic of Dr. Burgoon. The fact that he is trained in both Western and Eastern medicine allowed me to benefit from both perspectives.

I have continued to be treated on a regular basis for a variety of other chronic medical conditions including breast cancer. During the cancer treatment and recovery, acupuncture helped to maintain my overall physical, mental and spiritual well-being. All acupuncture sessions are conducted in a soothing environment where you are the center of caring attention. Dr. Burgoon is never too rushed to listen to your concerns and to respond with wit and wisdom. I can't begin to express how the quality of my life has been enhanced by my acupuncture therapy.

A heartfelt thanks to a most extraordinarily-gifted man.

Adele Seiscio

Phoenixville, PA

Firmly rooted in the medical arts of both the Western and Eastern spheres, Dr. Tom Burgoon blends his zen professionalism and years of educated, observational experience into his medical acupuncture practice.

My own health and wellness path has benefited fully through acupuncture along with his sage counsel. In recommending Dr. Burgoon to others, I do so with every confidence that he will take the utmost care in directing them onto a path of wellness.


West Chester, PA

After many years of treatment with medication and surgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia, I finally found lasting relief through medical acupuncture with Dr. Burgoon. I really wish I had tried this sooner!

Valerie B.

West Chester, PA

For the past 15 years the use of medical acupuncture has rescued me and returned me to good health many times. It has been my good fortune to have been introduced to this life-altering practice by Dr. Thomas Burgoon.

Having experienced several severe reactions to antibiotics that western medicine could find no way of treating, Dr. Burgoon — through the use of acupuncture — was able to treat my symptoms and restore me both physically and emotionally. I've used acupuncture to treat bronchial congestion and bladder infections as well.

Dr. Burgoon's compassion, wisdom and knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine have created a trusting patient-doctor relationship that I treasure.

Randy S.

Glen Mills, PA

My name is Jamie Sulzman. I am the owner of Penn Oaks Tennis and Fitness Club. I have been teaching tennis for 23 years and have had a lot of injuries over the years. Three years ago I started to have severe pain in my shoulder and neck. After seeing a number of different doctors and chiropractors, I was ready to give up. The pain was so bad I couldn't sleep, work or exercise. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Burgoon.

After a few visits I was feeling much better. After a month the pain was almost gone. I'm exercising again, working hard and sleeping. Dr. Burgoon changed my life!

Jamie Sulzman

West Chester, PA

After years of suffering from chronic neck pain and receiving a multitude of treatments and medications, I found Dr. Burgoon, who came to my rescue.

In our very first visit, he took the time to sit with me and ask questions no other doctor had previously asked. He had a positive attitude and said he was able to help me.

Dr. Burgoon's dedication to the health and well-being of his patients is superb. He takes the time and listens. I highly recommend Dr. Burgoon for any type of acupuncture treatment.

Nancy W.

West Chester, PA

I had been suffering from very severe lower back pain which radiated down into both legs. My local doctor couldn't help me. I then was evaluated by a noted physician at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. He suggested and prescribed pain management medication as my condition was not suitable for surgery.

My husband encouraged me to visit Dr. Thomas Burgoon, a medical doctor specializing in acupuncture, who had cured my husband's back pain. I was so impressed with Dr. Burgoon's sincere interest in my problem that I started treatment with him, even though I did not believe I could or would ever recover completely. I was wrong in that belief.

My husband and I still go for maintenance about once every 6 weeks.

Dr. Burgoon's expertise in traditional Chinese as well as modern medicine is outstanding in my opinion. He is very understanding, thoroughly listens to problems and is very professional.

Yvonne & John K.

Lincoln University, PA

Dr. Burgoon is one of the best medical doctors I have ever seen. After a cancer diagnosis, I was introduced to him and his acupuncture treatments. He is a brilliant and thoughtful doctor, who treats the whole person and takes the time to go the extra mile. He spends the necessary time to understand my concerns and to make me feel comfortable throughout the appointment.

Dr. Burgoon provides the absolute best care, advice and treatment for every issue that I have presented. My acupuncture treatments have been and continue to be an important therapy for staying well and also treating health issues as they arise.

Caroline G.

New London, PA

I became aware of Dr. Burgoon shortly after I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I heard him speak at a seminar at Lankenau Hospital sponsored by Unite for Her. At that time, Dr. Burgoon's gentle manner and knowledge of his field immediately made an impact on me.

My cancer treatment involved 6 months of some pretty nasty chemotherapy. I visited Dr. Burgoon throughout this time, and I honestly believe his treatments helped to manage my side effects.

I continued acupuncture before and after my double mastectomy, and my recovery was definitely helped by acupuncture. I currently continue to see Dr. Burgoon on a maintenance basis and still regard my appointments as "a visit to my happy place."

Vicki M.

Glen Mills, PA

I have been a patient of Dr. Burgoon's for the past 13 years. I had severe asthma that was being treated with steroid-based inhalers and medications for approximately 20 years.

Every winter I would catch a cold that would inevitably result in my hospitalization with a severe asthma attack. It was after one of these episodes that I started acupuncture treatments with Dr. Burgoon. I had 2 treatments a week for 6 weeks.

Since these treatments my asthma is now under control and I am off all medications and inhalers. I am very grateful to not have to use all of those drugs any more, from both a physical as well as financial standpoint.

I would highly recommend acupuncture for asthma as well as numerous other ailments Dr. Burgoon has helped me to recover from, such as arthritis, surgical recovery and back pain.

Emlyn J.

West Chester, PA

I am a breast cancer survivor. My treatments have included chemotherapy, radiation, reconstructive surgery and hormone therapy. Through all of this the most challenging part has been dealing with hot flashes, every half-hour, day and night. The common recommendation from many doctors was to get a fan or to just deal with it because it's a part of life.

Dr. Burgoon had a different approach: acupuncture. 12 treatments later my hot flashes were gone. I share my story with everyone I know. Acupuncture saved my life. Thank you, Dr. Burgoon. You helped me when no other doctor could.

Rhonda F.

Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Burgoon gave me back my life!!

In 2006 I suddenly developed pains in various parts of my head 24/7. I never received a diagnosis from my primary care doctors nor from neurologists at 2 prestigious hospitals, a psychologist, several psychiatrists and 2 chiropractors. They prescribed anti-depressants — many, many anti-depressants — none of which helped me but did make me ill.

In 2013 I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Burgoon and finally found relief through acupuncture. This is why I say Dr. Burgoon gave me back my life.

I encourage friends and family with unresolved medical issues to see Dr. Burgoon. He listens and he cares — a rarity in the medical profession today.

R. E. Less

Chadds Ford, PA

Medical miracles do happen and mine started when I met Dr. Burgoon. Diagnoses of 2 auto-immune diseases (Crohn's and Wegener's Granulamatosis) and an arsenal of potent pharmaceuticals left me with 7 compressed vertebrae and avascular necrosis of both hips, which resulted in bi-lateral hip replacements. At 35, I felt like a 90-year-old woman. That's when I took my health care into my own hands and decided to go a different route.

In the last 17 years since meeting Dr. Burgoon, I've been working with him to strengthen my immune system. Today, I take just 2 medications for one auto immune disease, which is mostly quiet with occasional flares. The second disease has been in remission for years. My back is straight, and with no back or hip pain I enjoy a full, active life. What I've gained, in addition to improved health, is an ally who is fluent in Eastern AND Western medicines.

Dr. Burgoon has become a trusted friend who has guided me through many health crises, crossroads and celebrations. My confidence in Dr. Burgoon extends to my whole family, as both my husband and daughter have been treated by him as well.

I highly recommend Dr. Burgoon to anyone with any kind of health issue, especially one that doesn't fit neatly into a conventional medical "box."

Fran C.

Glenside, PA

Good news for those who suffer with painful neuropathy!

I suffered for over 1 ½ years with painful, burning neuropathy in both feet. I saw several different doctors and no one had concrete suggestions for relief, except to take a certain drug that was recommended. I tried that drug for 3 weeks; it didn't help and it made me feel sick.

My brother suggested that I contact Dr. Thomas Burgoon, a medical acupuncturist in West Chester, PA. Dr. Burgoon prescribed a total of 12 treatments of acupuncture, twice a week for six weeks. By the end of my treatment the burning and pain I had been experiencing had disappeared. I felt like I had a new lease on life and was able to start doing the things I hadn't been able to do. My quality of life was greatly improved.

I highly recommend Dr. Burgoon as a very qualified, compassionate doctor who is very experienced in the field of acupuncture. He is Board Certified with extensive training and has been administering acupuncture for the past 20 years with a very high rate of success.

Midge D.

West Chester, PA

After 2 years of dealing with a stubborn and debilitating back injury and countless approaches to remedy it, I discovered medical acupuncture with Dr. Thomas Burgoon. Within a few short weeks I was reclaiming my life with less pain, increased flexibility, improved sleep and fewer associated GI problems. My soul has been renewed due to this progress in healing.


Christiana, PA

I recommend Dr. Burgoon highly as he has helped me and continues to assist my overall health. I came to him through a recommendation and I am happy that I trusted the process. Since Dr. B is an MD as well as a doctor of Chinese medicine, he has been able to work with my other physicians.

I had high blood pressure and was on 3 medications. Little by little, with his guidance and as a result of his special needles, I have been able to get off the blood pressure meds, now only taking a mild diuretic.

I continue to have issues with environmental sensitivities; however, the reactions are less severe than prior to treatment and my lungs don't shut down now. Hopefully, continued treatment will further improve my reactivity to paint and musty smells.

I have confidence that Dr. Burgoon has the knowledge, experience and caring that will continue to improve the quality of my life.


Birchrunville, PA